Volunteer for the Little Big Africa Project in Uganda

Uganda Project 2011 January 29, 2011

Acrylic painting by Carla Harris

This is a pilot project  which SVA – University of Glasgow (Student Volunteers Abroad)* is trying out this year in Uganda. The project is in two parts: construction and education.

It is based in a rural community near Mbale to the east of Uganda and will run for 8 weeks. The main focus of the project is to build and paint water tanks, dig wells, construct smokeless stoves and teach about the importance of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). We will live together in a house provided to us by the community.

Our partner NGO is a Ugandan NGO called Little Big Africa (LBA). They enable low cost development in rural communities in Uganda. For further information about them please go to:


*Student Volunteers Abroad (SVA) is a student run society offering students of Glasgow and surrounding universities, the opportunity to get involved with sustainable environmental and community projects in developing countries.
SVA is a Scottish Registered Charity: No. SC 030081

One Response to “Uganda Project 2011”

  1. Great thing your doing for our communities am happy that you care for ugandans and you bring students here for charity, am Kabati Destreet the founder of Destreet Art foundation, http://destreetart.webs.com/ am a talented community visual artist and i do love to always get involved in mobile ARTS project voluntarily and i work sole mostly on trips but as well i have talented guys who i stay with in my project house gallery in Kampala. but also work in Jinja since this is where i grew up from. i read about your target for eastern Uganda and its really a great idea and if i can get involved to help in any way i will be happy, You can pass around and check on our art project gallery in Kampala with the students and for any guidance needed it will honestly be no charge , my contact numbers are +256 779 339911 and 0791 002955
    Email : kdestreet2yahoo.com
    http:destreetart.webs.com, am still building it,please reply Thank you.

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