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20km Sponsored Walk. Tenerife 03/01/11 January 6, 2011

Filed under: Fund raising / Recaudación de Fondos — Carla Harris @ 11:40 pm

The sponsored walk in Monte del Agua (Erjos) raised a total of…… 315 euros!!!

Thanks very much to everyone who participated and to those who contributed by sponsoring the walkers.

Special thanks to Anna, Des, Brendan and Dani for your support and to the clients of the Molly Malone for your very generous contributions!

Pictures of  the walk will be uploaded soon!


3 Responses to “20km Sponsored Walk. Tenerife 03/01/11”

  1. daphne Says:

    Well done Carlie!

    Keep it up!


    • Molly Malone Says:

      Hi Carla!
      The carrot cake lasted 10 minutes, loooooovely!! Out of this world!
      Everyone in the bar will love your photos. We will upload your link to our website (www.themollymalone.es) You should do a link up to facebook, so we can also upload it through there.
      Good luck! Safe journey to Scotland and Celtic for the League!
      Take good care of Brendan when (if) he arrives to Scotland to visit you!

      Keep in touch, bye for now!

      The family

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